Pecha Kucha: Project Management

Three times a week my company does pecha kuchas. We are now up to the second round which is “best practice”, so being a project manager I did mine on the best practice/lessons learned since I started working in IT projects, alllllll those years ago!

12 comments on “Pecha Kucha: Project Management

  1. And i just realise its broken! such ugly code! undeclared variables all over the show. This frustrates me!

  2. That was really good. I think your understanding of the relationship between the customer, the developers and the project is deep and well developed.

    Now bearing in mind that you really are a much better public speaker than I am, I counted the “ums”. Would you like the count?

  3. 64. That is one “um” per 6.4 seconds if my math is correct :D

    412 seconds / 64 ums = 6.4375

    Now, I did cheat, and included 2 or 3 “ahs”.

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