May 11

Project decision-making and risk identification

My latest pecha kucha about tapping into our adaptive unconscious to identify project risk.

* Excuse my brain fart getting the word “analysing” out in the middle!

May 11

Links for Web Project Managers

While the internet is chock full of information for IT project managers, there really isn’t a lot that is specific to IT project managers who specialise in web development.  I made the move from corporate IT to the wonderful world of web a year ago, and am on a constant hunt for articles and information that relate specifically to my field.  While there aren’t many I’ve found that are web-related, here are the blogs that I follow:

I get a lot of good stuff from Twitter – I have two lists that you can follow:

And of course you can always follow the #webpm tag.

Do you have any blogs or Tweeters to add to the list?  Comment below!