May, 2009

May 09

Time-lapse of the Milky Way rising

This is one of the most amazing time-lapses I have ever seen – of the Milky Way rising in the sky in Texas.

Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party from William Castleman on Vimeo.

Link courtesy of Gizmodo.

May 09

Maunganui bluff sunset

I came across this photo I took a couple of years ago. I like it. More photos I say.

May 09

Facebook is scaring me

In the last week, I have been noticing strange things in my suggested friends box on Facebook. Now, I would assume the majority of these people are friends of friends. Perhaps some of them are people who have worked for companies I have listed in my work history. Those things both make sense.

But what if you could not think of any connection? Just this past week, my aunt showed up in my suggested friends box. Now, I don’t have anyone in my family in my friends on Facebook. She also has my mother’s maiden name. So how could she be in my suggested friends? I decided this was weird but chose not to think about it any more.

Then this morning, my old landlord showed up in the box. WTF?! There is no connection I can see through any details I have given Facebook, so how would it know that I would know her? Why is she there?!

I think I’m getting scared.

May 09

Survival DOA Mix May 2009

As I love drum and bass, and I know most people reading my site probably don’t, and I am often saying to people who are a little bit interested in drum and bass but think it is all clanging and tin cans and for mentals with big pants and shaved heads, I thought perhaps I will start to more regularly share the music I am raving to on my iPod when I walk down the street.

So, to start, here is Survival’s May mix for DOA (Dogs On Acid, the biggest drum and bass forum on the entire internets, apparently). It is full of the deepness, and the deepness is what I crave.

So, what is “deep”? How is this different to liquid? Tech? Jump-up? Wobble? Acid rave nu-house breaks? To be honest I am not the best person to explain that. I know it when I hear it, but I can’t tell you why I know it. Just like I can tell you that I think a track is by Commix, or Lynx, but I can’t really pin-point the reason why I know that. So I think what I’m saying is that drum and bass is a feeling. Sometimes you get it in your chest, sometimes you get it in your loins, sometimes it comes out in your hands rave style spirit fingers, or perhaps you suddenly bust out doing the running man.

(I’m sure I could tell you the different between the genres if I sat down and tried to be slightly coherent but instead I will tell you to read Wikipedia.)

So, anyway, here is the mix. Download it. And make sure you check out the second to last song – Draw by Break/Fierce/Nico. Bad!


  1. Survival – Foreshadow (Exit)
  2. Spy – Alone
  3. Loxy & iso – Shodan
  4. Data, E & Dynamic – Skinwalkers (Revolution)
  5. Notion – See The Eyes
  6. Survival – Pray (Audio Tactics)
  7. Notion – Step With It
  8. Insiders – Trust
  9. Silent Witness – ??
  10. Break – Is This What You Want VIP (Symmetry)
  11. Survival – Point Five (Revolution)
  12. Soul Intent – Rebel Music
  13. Break – Isis (Symmetry)
  14. Phobia & Jubei – Coopers Dream
  15. Survival – Burned Out (Exit)
  16. Survival – Body Snatchers (Audio Tactics)
  17. Spy – Beyond The Threshold
  18. Survival – Untitled
  19. Survival & Alix Perez – Untitled
  20. Survival – Too Little Too Late (Exit)
  21. Break, Fierce & Nico – Draw
  22. Survival – Gravity Bourne (Play Musik)

(Link courtesy of Breaksblog.)

May 09

40 Useful and Creative Infographics

I’ve always been a big fan of well put-together infographics.  You can digest big picture statistics in just one glance, which is useful if you are a bit lazy or a bit stupid.  Combine it with lovely graphic design and you have a statistical masterpiece.

Cue 40 Useful and Creative Infographics, courtesy Six Revisions. What a nice little collection.

Personal favourites:

  1. Periodic Table of Typefaces
  2. Our Favourite Drugs
  3. Coffee Drinks Illustrated