Evolution MK-249C and Mac OS X 10.x

I bought an Evolution MK-249C a few days ago and for the life of me couldn’t get it working on my MacBook Pro with Logic or GarageBand.  Apparently this is a Panther and Snow Leopard issue.  It would show as a USB driver in System Profiler but wouldn’t show up as a MIDI device in either software.  I googled and googled and couldn’t find anything.  Finally, I found this thread on the M-Audio site with a solution.  I’ve saved these two files on my site in case they ever disappear!

  1. Install the Evolution USB driver
  2. Run KextUtility
  3. Make music
  4. Profit??!

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  1. Be sure to reboot after doing the KextUtility thing, and make sure you cna see the MK249C in your midi setup before trying it any apps. Its taken me ages to get this to work!


  2. Thanks. That’s marvellous. I had begun to fear that my MK249C was destined for eBay.

    How splendid that the internet can sort this type of problem. I know from experience that a repair guy/lady would charge a great deal and achieve little.

    I am seriously chuffed. Hurrah.

  3. unfortunately it didn’t work for me, the controllers are going crazy and tilting (on Reason)…Other solution?

  4. I tested this on an evolution MK-249 (without “C”) and it worked perfectly in 10.7 Lion. Many Many thanks!!! :)

  5. Update: The Kext Utility for 10.7 does not work. The Utility for SnowLeo does the Job and i have no issues (so far)…

  6. hello..
    having the same problem with my mac.
    the KextUtilityis crashing. any recommendations?


  7. I have just got a really cheap MK-361 and trying really hard to get it working on mr Mac OS 10.6.8. It is showing up in the USB on system profiler, but not in the MIDI window. I can’t click on your link as it is saying it’s disappeared! M-Audio are telling me that it’s an out of date piece of equipment so won’t work. Any ideas?!

  8. Thanks very much for this info and link – worked fine setting up my ageing MK249c on my daughters MacBook Air running Mavericks. I downloaded the newest version of Kext Utility which was easy to find…

  9. Worked for me on Mavericks 10.9.1. Used the kext utility found here


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